3 Shared Lessons from TrackApalooza 2018

Bill Trail – Director of Business Development

A commitment to providing best-in-class support, continued value, and problem-solving, rather than finger-pointing, is a hallmark of dedicated companies that are looking to help their partners succeed. This commitment was on full display at TrackApalooza 2018, the TrackAbout user conference held annually in Pittsburgh.

TrackAbout is a software platform for industries that need to track the movement of returnable or reusable assets, such as gas cylinders or chemical totes. Solution Source has partnered with TrackAbout as an ERP provider and helped sponsor this year’s TrackApalooza conference.

Bill Trail and Brian Sutter represented Solution Source at TrackApalooza, and they returned with the following takeaways from the conference.

  1. A Rising Tide Lifts All BoatsThe themes of collaboration and partnership were evident throughout the 2018 TrackApalooza conference. Tim Fusco, TrackAbout President and CEO, explained that this year’s conference was designed to include additional time for small group discussions, so clients could share ideas and best practices. These group discussions had been a highlight of previous conferences, and it was clear that attendees gathered plenty of practical ideas from the success stories of their peers.Jim Glessner, co-founder and “Chief Storytelling Officer” of TrackAbout, shared the adage that “A rising tide lifts all boats.” The collaboration and shared success stories on display at TrackApalooza ultimately help TrackAbout and its ERP partners, like Solution Source, understand how to best support users in the future. This way, when success comes, everyone shares in the success and reaps the benefits.TrackAbout and Solution Source are excited about the possibilities offered by the TrackAbout + NetSuite Connector, one of the many benefits of a partnership that began in 2014. The TrackAbout + NetSuite Connector allows companies to sync customer asset balance data easily between TrackAbout and NetSuite ERP, so users can take advantage of the strengths of both cloud-based systems.
  2. Provide Practical ValueTrackAbout’s Development team was on hand throughout TrackApalooza to demo upcoming TrackAbout features and outline the product roadmap. All current TrackAbout customers already realize that the software easily pays for itself though increased asset visibility, and this glimpse into the development roadmap showed additional ways that TrackAbout will continue to provide value for its clients.As another measure of added value, TrackAbout arranged time for each company attending to meet one-on-one with a TrackAbout project manager, in order to make sure that all attendees could return home with practical ways to make their companies better. This philosophy of empowering end users to make their (and their coworkers’) lives better is the same approach Solution Source uses when implementing ERP systems. Both Solution Source and TrackAbout believe they can provide the most value when clients are engaged and willing to be long-term partners in the ongoing development of the product or service.
  3. Accountability Through Training & SupportTrackAbout, like Solution Source, takes pride in its customer support. TrackAbout support staff were available throughout the conference to answer any user questions. One of the breakout sessions focused on identifying how end users are trained and where they can go for helpful information. TrackAbout believes all users should be equipped with the knowledge they need to use the system effectively, including those who are less tech-savvy. Training users at all levels of an organization, potentially including the CEO, helps foster accountability and transparency, since all users have access to the same data and an understanding of where it came from.

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