NetSuite for Custom Truck & Trailer Manufacturers

The perfect solution for truck & trailer fabricators.

Solution Source developed software specifically for the needs of truck & trailer fabricators.



Only available through Solution Source, our exclusive set of features adapts NetSuite to match the way your business operates.

What can Solution Source do for you?

Streamline Quoting

Streamline Quoting

Configure Accurate BOMs

Configure Accurate BOMs

Clarity on Costs​

Provide Clarity on Costs

Feature List

Vehicle Centric

Vehicle-centric Design

Find info for each VIN quickly and easily, from quote to invoice to post-sale support

Support Multiple Products

Supports Multiple Product Types

Use product types & models to define available options and streamline order configuration

Vehicle Order Configuration

Vehicle Order Configurator

Create configuration rules to sell & quote vehicles your way

Automatic Work Order

Automatic Work Order Generation

Generate accurate work orders for all possible configuration scenarios

Real Time Costs

Real-Time Costs

Calculate costs for each unique configuration in real time

Production Scheduling

Production Scheduling

Optimize schedules across production lines or bays and know material requirements in real-time.

Schedule service


Schedule appointments, track labor and parts, and generate transactions for service work

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NetSuite documents

Production Management


Production Management

Solution Source transforms the #1 cloud-based business management software, NetSuite, into a complete system with all the features that vehicle upfitters need.

NetSuite documents

Sales Order Management


Sales Order Management

Solution Source provides truck & trailer fabricators with order configuration, production scheduling, inventory management, and more within a single platform.

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Engineering & Bill of Materials Management


Engineering & Bill of Materials Management

Solution Source gives truck & trailer fabricators the power to automatically generate complex BOMs for custom builds.