Joining the TrackApalooza

Brian Sutter – Consultant & Marketing Manager

Solution Source is in Pittsburgh this week at TrackApalooza – the annual TrackAbout user conference. TrackAbout provides software that makes it easy for businesses to monitor their returnable assets.

Beginning in 2014, Solution Source partnered with TrackAbout to develop an integration between the NetSuite ERP system and TrackAbout. The TrackAbout system provides a robust, scalable infrastructure for asset barcode scanning and tracking. Combined with the financial/ERP and CRM tools in NetSuite, this integration provides a fully cloud-based business system that would meet the needs of TrackAbout clients. In particular, Industrial Gas & Welding Supply companies make up a significant portion of TrackAbout’s clientele, as they use the barcode scanning features of TrackAbout to keep track of refillable industrial gas cylinders as they are leased, delivered, and retrieved from customers.

The TrackAbout Connector is a NetSuite-certified SuiteApp that synchronizes data between the two systems, allowing companies to sell and invoice cylinders on NetSuite transactions, while still using the TrackAbout scanners to fill and deliver those cylinders.

The TrackAbout Connector is available as a standalone integration, but it is designed to be combined with WGS for NetSuite, Solution Source’s custom app for the Gas & Welding Supply industry. WGS for NetSuite includes the tools to manage leases and hard good sales, automatically invoice and renew leases in batch, manage inventory across branches, and manage complex pricing rules. Learn more about WGS for NetSuite here.

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